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Vampires are at war with Demons and the other races — Humans and Elves — are caught in-between.

The Island of the Damned is home to the exiled anthromorphs and theriathropes whose blood is undesirable for both vampire and demon.

Then a fist connects to your forehead as you see stars. There are stories of monsters roasting human captives and eating them in horrible feasts, and how they tore the old Ermor Empire and split the world in two, where they live in the west, enslaving and killing humans.

Pain shoots up across your skull, and you feel cold earth on your back, your head throbbing in pain. A strange woman with white hair, ebony skin and pointy ears towers above you. It took hours as you gagged boys, rumbling at the back of the wagon towards a dark fate, were continously teased by the dark elf girls sitting with you, your own predicament being painful because any time some of them tried to untie you, a snarl from your captor would stop them.

– A world of danger and a board of play on tilt, where friends and enemies align and the powers that be are not always on your side.

A world where the shifting sands are sliding, falling, and a new day is on the rise.

Now being reported as "missing in action" is the least of your worries when bolas swing out of the woods and down members of your youth patrol. Out of the forest step thin slender shapes, and all you see is a glint of light missing your arm by inches You scramble for your weapon: too late. Your ankles and wrists are tightly tied and you sob and grunt in pain, thrown to a cart where dark elf women guard your friends who are tied together.

Protéines de renne (26 %), protéines de sanglier (22 %), pois (déshydratés, 16 %), graisse de volaille (10 %), flocons de pomme de terre (10 %), protéines de canard (9 %), pommes (déshydratées, 3 %), foie de poulet frais (3 %), épinard (déshydraté, 0,5 %), mannane-oligosaccharides (0,012 %), cassis (déshydratés, 0,01 %), myrtilles (déshydratées, 0,01 %), fructo-oligosaccharides (0,008 %), yucca schidigera (déshydraté, 0,00592 %), canneberges (déshydratées, 0,005 %), baies de goji (déshydratées, 0,005 %), baies d'argousiers (déshydratées, 0,005 %), baies d'aronia (déshydratées, 0,005 %), romarin (déshydraté, 0,0034 %), herbe à chat (déshydratée, 0,00204 %), persil (déshydraté, 0,00136 %), psyllium (déshydraté, 0,00102 %), ortie (déshydraté, 0,00085 %), camomille (déshydratée, 0,00085 %), algues (Ascophyllum nodosum, déshydratées, 0,00051 %) Comment nourrir correctement votre animal ?

Les croquettes REAL NATURE WILDERNESS représentent une alimentation complète (aucun complément alimentaire nécessaire).

Sorry, not native English speaker, but I try my best. -- Esteban Von Chucha ** You are a young human lad who passed his eighteenth summer just barely to sign up for the militia.

The guard captain herself, a large woman who somehow rose through the ranks due to sheer effort of education, watches you disapprovingly.

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