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None of them are unattractive, but I would just never be physically attracted to any of them, except maybe one of them--one of my Asian Indian friends, since I think "brown" Asians are the hottest people.But with Nikki, just from observing what happens at school and knowing how men are, I don't think she's the kind of woman physically the average male would go for. They have to be the hottest of the hot, and It's funny, because this is how black women are depicted in "black movies." They almost always look like bitches, at least until they get a man--which, basically, sends the message that all black bitches need is a man. Talk to just about any black male who is married to a black woman.Nikki is certainly friendly with everyone, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't date most black men..only because she doesn't seem to like them in the first place, but because most of them are not going to be professional men.I think in everyday life, black women get the "bitch" image because of perceived attitude and being outspoken.In addition, she has these ridiculous rules and criteria. He'll tell you that a black woman's getting married doesn't solve the bitchiness.And before any black women out there reading this get mad, what I'm really saying is men--white men because of work, glass ceilings, racism, etc, and black men because of social/romantic interactions--are a big part of why black women are bitches. They think they're the cure when they're actually the problem.By that, I mean--anybody seen that movie "Something New"?Towards the beginning, Sanaa Lathan and her friends were talking about men and being single.

I don't object to "bitch." I think black women are justified. But there's "good bitch" and then there's "bad bitch." The women in the movies tend to be bad bitches, i.e. Men mean one thing when they call us that, and those of us who kind of embrace "bitch" mean another. Men assign a negative connotation to that and use different words to describe that quality in black women, i.e.

As someone who is not terribly interested in men and, so, is a little more objective, take it from me--that's not going to work.

In fact, it reminds me of how men think of women, at least when they are younger (teens, 20s, maybe some of the 30s).

Honestly, that's kind of why I don't understand women who are dying for a man, and I've tried to talk to Nikki about that a little bit but it doesn't sink in.

But for those black women who insist on a man, they can't be like these women in the movies.

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