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It is therefore not surprising that specialists have shown interest in the development and commercial production of this new device and that it has already been applied for patent.*pi=greek small letter.Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century.Good live webcam view overlooking the Palanga Beach Resort Pier and the Palanga beach area This streaming live Lithuania Holiday Resort beach weather camera at Palanga can be watched live on all types of mobile phones - tablets - computers Palanga German: Officially Palanga has the status of a city municipality and includes Šventoji, Nemirseta, Būtingė and other settlements, which are considered as part of the city of Palanga.In the summer, a multitude of tourists stay on Palanga, both for its beaches and to enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

In industrial climbing, too, safety is of the highest priority.

There is a carnival centered on Jonas Basanavičius Street, which is a pedestrian only thoroughfare during the high season.

There are dozens of restaurants, bars, rides, and other forms of entertainment.

In this study, I collected and analyzed gigabytes of tennis sensor data.

I discovered a technique for automatically distinguishing between 13 different tennis stroke types (e.g., distinguishing a forehand flat versus forehand topspin) using only inertial data with accuracy averaging over 96%, and implemented my technique as computer software.

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