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The Relax Double Room is aptly named as it overlooks an interior courtyard that is a place of silence and relaxation.Boasting an exceptional amount of space for the heart of Paris Rare are the Parisian hotels capable of offering genuine triple rooms with sufficient space to comfortably accommodate up to three guests.

Beautifully designed with contemporary furnishings, beautiful mirrors and subtle lighting, the rooms are equipped with top-of-the-range facilities and generously sizeable bedding of good quality, as well as a desk where guests can work in optimal conditions.

The Galerie, at the central crossroads of these rooms is the ideal place to take a break.

Catering for 50 people in a U shape or 120 in class form, or up to 200 in theatre style, it is the Business Area which offers the biggest capacity.

Our meeting rooms are mostly on the first floor, offering multiple flexible configurations and providing an environment conducive to a working atmosphere.

All the rooms are hung with Art Photos by the local professional photographer Valéry Trillaud.

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