Chen qiao en dating

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And even if he praises QE, there isn't the media around to publish that.It'll be a behind the scenes thing between QE and him.Everyone is curious why she doesn't just date Ming Dao? Wish that their relationship would go strong and get married soon, even if QE doesn't want it for now.But Qiao En furiously shook her head saying: “He's really not my type.”Qiao En said, her boyfriend will often suggest they go out during the holidays, or he will often mention other people getting married, to hint whether she wants to take the next step, however she really is not prepared for marriage right now. Both Ming Dao and Qiao En share a very close relationship. Although Ming En is my favourite team couple but I always think Qiao En relationship with Michael is serious. [color="#00BFFF"][font="Georgia"]"Due to this drama, her relationship with Ming Dao has gotten better"QE said that MD is not her type but he can slowly become her type since it said that their relationship gets better and better ^^ They can't be together because they belong to the same company but what if their contract ends and one of them sign contract with another company then problem solved lo L!It should be a romantic drama, but in the end it's turned into a comedy!Due to this drama, her relationship with Ming Dao has gotten better, and the 2 love to bicker, even in the middle of the night, they will fight over food. and Michael seems to be a matured guy so it's great.I’m only reporting on this sensationalized story dominating the entertainment news and not making any judgment calls other than it sounds like two people dating and running into problems and then having an awkward breakup in public for the entire world to see.Take a look at these six enviable pairings from her portfolio.

I don't think it's fair to assume him as unsupportive when it's just what he does isn't told to us like what Ming Dao does is told.

She has so much work, but she knows that this type of relationship is not good. I think i like him for Qiao En now if Ming En wouldn't happen.... she really is very candid when it comes to her bf Michael.. at least QE and MD still has a very good relationship..

She joked saying to the reporters that they should keep an eye on him: “I'm trying very hard to maintain this relationship, but of course, I will worry about him cheating.”Something funny worth mentioning is that because Michael is a financial consultant, Qiao En's mother has given all her money to him to take care of, but due to the recent financial crisis, this made Michael have no face to see his mother-in-law. i agree that getting married is not a good time for QE right now being busy an all.. they will be spending Christmas and New Year together?? ^QE's spending New Year and Christmas in Taiwan so yeah, hopefully they get some time together.

She also used this money-making opportunity to leave freezing cold Beijing.

She said that this time filming in Beijing, it is so cold she wants to cry, and the filming location was so exaggerated to the extent where even the fountain turned to ice.

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