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caricature of Texas Rangers Pitcher in windup pose, his throwing arm is shaped like question mark! 85.00 Original newspaper Sports Page Cartoon artwork. Very detailed sketch of Boston Red Sox manager MIKE HIGGINS dressed as riverboat gambler. He is shuffling deck of cards, and the cards say: Power Hitter Bunt; Delayed Squeeze; Steal; Suicide Squeeze; Starter in Relief. the Dallas Dandy is playing a wide-open game with cards he rarely used before." Although this piece is not dated, from 1955 thru 1959 both Paul Richards managed the Baltimore Orioles and Mike Higgins managed the Boston Red Sox. 195.00 GILETTE c.1960 cardboard sign w/BASEBALL PARROT; 15x21; easel back; nm 225.00 GILETTE c.1960 cardboard sign w/BASEBALL UMPIRE PARROT; 15x21; easel back 225.00 Original newspaper Sports Page Cartoon artwork.

caricature of Texas Rangers player wearing large cowboy hat and carrying his RANGERS travel bags with bats sticking out of them.

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full color endorsement store sign for Chesterfield Cigarettes.

Great Sunday newspaper comic strip endorsement ad for Camel Cigarettes. Shrunkwrap with heavy cardboard backing to keep it safe and sound.

Illustration of father and son sitting and listening to game - with baseball illustration of Yankee batter (although not stated - is definitely Babe Ruth) about to swing; it is captioned THE BASES ARE FULL.

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