Dating tease him

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My fingers clutch at the pillow in front of me, not wanting to make a sound that might stop you from what you're doing. Once you realize I'm awake, you flip me from my side to my tummy and grab my hips roughly, keeping me snug against your groin.

Still half asleep I don't even bother to put up a fight.

I'm a very short 21 year old asian, under 5' and 90 lb soaking wet.

My horizontal dimensions are 36-28-36 with a 32D cup.

You pat me on the ass and the next thing I hear is the shower running. As soon as I can, I stand on shaky legs to follow you to the shower.

I can feel how wet I am as your fingers play with my nipples and my clit.

Your body against my back is as still as you can hold it, but I can tell you're enjoying my hips struggling, because I already feel you against my bum.

He's a 40 something white male with blonde hair, grey blue eyes and a nine inch, a little thicker than average, member. And yes, I've done the math and realize that his penis is more than 15% my height, but I'm not a doctor and I don't understand how it works either. The kind of waking up where you can see the sunlight through your eyelids; but you don't want to open them, for fear of losing that welcome feeling a wonderful forgotten dream has left you with.

But there's only so long a mind can live in this world without a body to ground it.

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