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Fortuitously, LPs — short for limited partnerships — are not obliged to publish their accounts.That’s why no one could authoritatively challenge Blair when he said last year he was worth ‘only £10 million’.‘We’d like that,’ said Saraki — who was fully aware that Blair now also represented a wealth fund based in Abu Dhabi.In his quest for profitable work, Blair sometimes agreed to give well-paid speeches — including an address in Orlando, Florida, to the International Sanitary Supply Association — manufacturers of lavatory cleaners.And, at the very least, he is determined to stop the media from delving into his finances.Both his accountants, KPMG, and his lawyers were asked to erect unusual barriers to prevent an accurate assessment of his wealth.Back in 2010, he asked for a one-on-one meeting with the then Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan — ostensibly to offer the services of AGI and the Faith Foundation to help reconcile the country’s Muslims and Christians.

There was his Faith Foundation, which was meant to encourage tolerance between the religions, and his Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) — through which he hoped to advise leaders on how to run their countries.

But he was far from content with his unpaid yet prestigious role.

After all, he had never had any intention of living on his annual pension of £63,468 — and hadn’t he promised Cherie that they’d be seriously wealthy after leaving Downing Street?

Hence, his income is now channelled through a complicated legal structure. 3 LP, for instance, is part owned by Windrush Ventures No.

2 LP, which in turn controls Windrush Ventures Ltd.

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