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Kartini's family allowed her to attend school until she was 12 years old.

Here, among other subjects, she learnt to speak Dutch, an unusual accomplishment for Javanese women at the time.

Kartini (21 April 1879 – 17 September 1904), sometimes known as Raden Ayu Kartini, was a prominent Indonesian national heroine from Java.

Her grandfather, Pangeran Ario Tjondronegoro IV, became a Regency Chief at the age of 25, while Kartini's older brother Sosrokartono was an accomplished linguist.

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At this time, polygamy was a common practice among the nobility. Colonial regulations required a Regency Chief to marry a member of the nobility.

Since Ngasirah was not of sufficiently high nobility, her father married a second time to Woerjan (Moerjam), a direct descendant of the Raja of Madura.

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