Ghana dating scams online

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Mostly, the woman will tell you that she is not a Ghanaian, but is in Ghana for a purpose and needs money to be able to travel and join you wherever you are.All pictures and documents provided by the woman, to make you believe that she is in need of money to be able to leave Ghana are fake.In order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of this scam, you need to read this article with rapt attention.The perpetrators of this AFF are also known internationally as 4-1-9.The woman then tells the victim that she was bringing some gold with her and had been arrested for not paying tax on it.

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The internet fraud is worse in Nigeria, and many foreigners have come to know this, so they (Nigerians) are moving across other West African countries in order to continue to carry out these wicked crimes.They are mostly school dropouts, who spend many hours behind a computer, either a personal laptop or at the internet café, devising creative and innovative ways to swindle their victims.A large number of victims are enticed into believing they have been singled out from the masses, to share in multi-million dollar windfall profit, or the person is a female living in Ghana and is looking for love.The criminals invite the company to send a representative to Ghana to sign the formal contract.The representative arrives in Ghana only to be picked up by these criminals and taken to a hotel, here the criminals make away with huge sums of money from the company.

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