Hibernate saveorupdate is not updating

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In order to manage the size of the post, i have skipped the textual descriptions of some basic stuff. In case you are interested in those details, this ,this & this post will help you. first, if the entity already exists, check if it is loaded in the current entity manager, if not load it. In my case I was trying to save a object Advance Salary. Simple way of solving this issue is save the both entity. The problem is that in edit the Advance Salary employee.employee_id is null Because on edit I was not set the employee.employee_id.

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hibernate saveorupdate is not updating-43

All is the lazy solution and only should be applied when required. ) Session session=Session(); session.begin Transaction(); session.save(dep); session.save(emp); One possible cause of the error is the inexistence of the setting of the value of the parent entity ; for example for a department-employees relationship you have to write this in order to fix the error : Department dept = (Department)session.load(Department.class, dept_code); // dept_code is from the jsp form which you get in the controller with @Request Param String department Department(dept); There are so many possibilities of this error some other possibilities are also on add page or edit page.

Permission p = new Permission(); Name("help"); Permission p2 = new Permission(); p2Name("self_info"); p = (Permission)crud Repository.save(p); // returned p has id filled in.

p2 = (Permission)crud Repository.save(p2); // so does p2.

Row Mapper; /** * An implementation of the Contact DAO interface. Contact DAOImpl; import org.springframework.context.annotation. Bean; import org.springframework.context.annotation. Component Scan; import org.springframework.context.annotation. Mvc Configuration: Bean instantiation via factory method failed; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.

how it is linked wih the respective process(es)ption: Error creating bean with name 'get Contact DAO' defined in co.javadev.spring.config.

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