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Staring at the metal door, I squeezed my eyes shut and covered my mouth to muffle my sobs.

My life wasn’t roses, but nothing like this had ever happened to me.

Either that, or smoking had aged her like it did my grandma. Bitch cockblocked me on the other guy.” My throat closed at their words, and I had to fight not to make a sound.

The noise of the club right outside the door allowed me some measure of anonymity, but I suddenly found it difficult to breathe.

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I’d actually been seriously thinking of taking him up on it.

I’d known that Macon was trouble, but I never thought he’d go this far.

As long as I gave him what he wanted, things were usually okay.

Last week I released the first chapter of my new, out-this-week New Adult release “Breathe Into Me”.

It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger and, well, I figured you’d appreciate more.

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