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Ganon is the villain from the CD-i Legend of Zelda games.

He was born in 1956 and grew up in poverty with his father and brother, never knowing his deceased mother.

Then, ya use your tuning fork to get the map out of the ice.

 In 1978, Ganon started a musical career with his roommate, Gwonam.

Van Santen appeared on the NBC's reality television series, Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search.

However, her acting career began from the TV series,where she portrayed the role of Kaori.

Van Santen earns the handsome amount of money in her career.

No one has the right to touch a single coin if you don't want them to, so whaddaya do?!Shantel Van Santen is an America actress and model, well-known for portraying the role of Quinn James in the CW teen drama series, One Tree Hill.She was born in Dutch to Norwegian descent in Luverne, Minnesota and grew up with her parents along with her siblings.and that we're in there and I just remembered we're out here."Once upon a time, in the magical land part of You Tube, there were two regal You Tube poopers who created shit for their subscribers.

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