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Should you succeed in your quest for a drink here, pull up a chair and chat with the locals.They speak Pitkern, a mixture of 18th-century English, Tahitian and sailors’ patois.If you’re not a scientist, you can get there through a tourism outfitter such as One Ocean Expeditions, which can make a pit stop at the base.

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It features one bar, the Albatross, which is a taproom inside the local common house, Prince Philip Hall.The vast, cold, and rocky landscape of the Gobi Desert, considered the world’s fifth-largest, is home to the Thirsty Camel Bar.Located in Omnogobi Aimag (South Gobi Province), Mongolia’s southernmost province in Mongolia, the bar is surrounded by such natural wonders as snow leopards, Gobi bears, desert basins and the Mongol Altai Mountain Range.It’s festooned with Ukranian and British flags and other knicknacks, and offers a cool factor (literally and figuratively) while you down your shot of vodka brewed on-site.And ladies, you’re in luck-drinks are on the house as long as you donate your underwear to the bar’s decorative display.

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