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Ira Glass remarked of , “You’re peeking at a future of TV, of America.” The show has been host to a multitude of guest stars like Joss Whedon, Jon Cryer, Felicia Day, Tricia Helfer, John Hodgman and more, and this featurette goes behind the scenes of the show’s season two finale and features interviews with Waking up drunk-married in Vegas used to be an adventure reserved for one man and one woman; however, thanks to a new federal equality amendment, tabloid darling Cheeks and LA Dodgers player, Brady Kelly, find themselves hungover and wed.Unwilling to undermine the hard-fought battle with a public quickie divorce, these two decide to make a go of it–despite their short courtship of just six weeks.Conservatives and the gay community alike are upset with their quickie Vegas wedding and the only way to redeem themselves, in Brady’s mind, is to make their marriage look ‘happy, normal, and planned.’ For the sake of the greater good?No, to keep his life as scandal-free as possible — coming out was quite enough!

Secretly though, I think he’s more concerned about saving face.“I first…want to say right away that everyone I talk to about it says the same thing and that is, ‘Oh yeah, of course there should be a show like that.’ So generally, most can feel that it’s time.“Secondly, and the disclaimer here is that the show’s intent is not solely to change the minds of the world, more specifically the heartland (however, one can hope that this is a beautiful by-product).But I will say, despite all the marches, petitions, rallies, etc., what really matters and gets into the homes of many Americans, again the Heartland, is TV.“The show is ridiculously funny, as folks are falling over in laughter, they will not realize that the boundaries of society are expanding.

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