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To overcome sex addiction results in a better self-image and self-acceptance, and a healthy sex life that does not include secrets, lies, shame, regrets, trauma, or pain for anyone involved.

The therapist relationship teaches the client that it’s possible for another to honor and receive his or her most authentic reality.

Healthy sex is consensual sex between adults and yields pleasure and personal growth.

Through individual therapy, group therapy, or an outpatient intensive, you will be able to speak openly about your fears and sexual issues, in a safe therapeutic relationship with clear boundaries.

A high sex drive may be related to high levels of hormones, or other factors. Not everyone who cheats on a partner is a sex addict; although an exposed affair meets several of the criteria for diagnosis as it involves secrets, lies, and negative consequences.

Today, biological conditions have been discovered that are effective explanations for various behaviors that were considered unforgivable character flaws in the past — such is the case for many mental illnesses and diagnoses.This kind of irrationality underlies the tragedy of untreated sex addiction.Many clients confirm after treatment that what they previously considered to qualify as “great sex,” today would no longer satisfy them and was never truly satisfying.Intimate knowledge in any relationship requires two key aspects: to be able to know oneself, and to be able to freely share and receive this knowledge.All human beings share a basic need to connect through intimacy.

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