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In a later scene, Alex was subjected to corrective treatment and reprogramming -- experimental aversion therapy imposed by the state in which he was behavioristically conditioned (with his eyes clamped wide-open in order to view scenes of violence in films while drugged to induce nausea and forced to listen to his beloved Beethoven) to suppress his violent and aggressive sexual drives and urges - and in the process gave up his own individual and personal rights to become a model citizen.

Sandy awkwardly tried to feel Susan's breasts through her clothes during a date, details of which he later shared with Jonathan.

Ken Russell directed this blasphemous, shocking and excessive depiction of the repressive 17th century when sexuality was equated with Satanism - a loose adaptation of Aldous Huxley's "The Devils Of Loudon." The film's setting was the fortified city of Loudon, 150 miles southwest of Paris, in the year 1634.

It provoked protest and outrage from Christian groups and viewing audiences everywhere.

Some believed it was because it was rumored that Kubrick and his family had received death threats.

It wasn't officially available there again - in theaters or on video - until 2000, a year after his death.

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