Tessa virtue jeffrey buttle dating

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She says she's too busy to date, not in the right spot for a relationship and couldn't be the type of girlfriend a guy would want.

Wait: Together, driven, independant and gorgeous and too busy to be clingy? Fun Canadian fact: She's been hit on by Jian Ghomeshi, Patrick Chan and probably dozens of more high profile Canadians!

Because after Tessa he doesn't think "anything else could parallel it." Because Marina sees Gordeeva and Grinkov in them - best pair skaters in the world. Because they can't think of anything bad to say about each other.

Because Meryl thinks "the combination of them two is undeniable." Because Marina thinks Canada has a "rare gem" with these two. Because “they sense each others every move.” Because "their hearts beat at the same time.” Because when Tessa says no, it means no.

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Because with just a glance, one can tell what the other is thinking. Because don't worry Scott, PChiddy won't lure your girl T away from you. Because Tessa tears up thinking about Scott being her partner.

Because it drives Scott up the wall that Tessa always looks perfect.

"Sometimes" but "it's just the chemistry." Because Scott "felt a commitment to Tess." Because Tessa "was the only nine-year-old to tell the National Ballet that I was already committed to a partner." Because it's usually Scott who makes Tessa laugh really hard.

Because Gordeeva and Grinkov loved each other and they're the G&G of ice dance. Because skating with any other person "is not a choice." Because from the beginning Carol Moir knew they had something special. Because they're used to lip brushes, but this was something new.

Because Marina thinks they're the Gordeeva and Grinkov of ice dance. Because if Scott was George Clooney, he'd always be Tessa's leading man. Because "this pair represents harmony." Because even their families ship them. Because Tessa gave up the National Ballet to skate with Scott. Because there's no way a lip brush alone could have embarrased them so much.

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