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With the expectations, or lack thereof, established now the review of available nights.

Friday – You’ve just finished a long week of work (or school, or working on your novel in Starbucks) and you’ve finally made it to the weekend.

Let’s assume you’ve even convinced them that joining you for a non-platonic meet up might would not be the worst idea in the world.The rest of the year Monday night is for catching up on the DVR and getting some sleep after too much weekend partying. @MJF That is actually a complicated question in my mind.Now you have to decide when to execute this first tender step in the human mating ritual.Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging on this one. Thursday, The Best Night For A First Date To break this down start with thinking about a first date. Whether you did a drunken number swap at the bar, engaged in weeks of anonymous messaging on an online dating service or just said “ok” when your friend’s wife offered to introduce you to her college roommate you really can’t bring in expectations.

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