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With a long career in entertainment, it is clear that talent is in Miley’s blood.She is a controversial singer, with an almost eccentric fashion sense and frequently is shown in unusual music videos and live performances.When you see Paulina Gretzky, you’ll wonder how such a stunningly sexy woman could have ever come into existence, but the answer is all in the genes.That’s because she is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, who is probably the best hockey player of all time in the whole world.Keith Richards was the famous guitarist on the legendary band Rolling Stone who married Patti Hansen – a famous model during her time – now we know where the two daughters get their gorgeous looks from.When she’s not strutting her stuff on the ramp, Alexandra is playing the role of a DJ in fancy, exclusive parties.Nicole Richie is a gorgeous woman and has been on the covers of many magazines as well as being great friends with some notable celebrities, including heiress Paris Hilton. Born to biological parents Karen Moss and Peter Escovedo, ultimately, Nicole moved in with Escovedo’s good friend, famous singer Lionel Richie.As her parents were too poor to provide for the young Nicole, Richie and his partner Brenda Harvey cared for her as her guardians, but later on, they decided to adopt her.

Remember back in the 90’s when Eminem would always drop in a line or two about his daughter in his songs? Clearly her father did a great job in raising her as she’s not letting her celebrity genes go to her head, and instead is studying hard at college.

Although her parents, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe split back in 2007, Ava Phillippe has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Looking exactly like her celeb mom, Ava has recently bursted back into the public eye after making her first red carpet solo appearance. Heather Locklear and Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora are the parents of Ava Sambora.

Just like Hudson, Hawn is a beautiful blonde actress who grabs the attention of the best moviemakers. may not be familiar with this young beauty who has a successful modeling career in England and is very popular in her country thanks to her family’s reputation in the fashion industry.

And just like her mother, Hudson has all eyes on her in all her movies. While Daisy’s father Gavin Rossdale is the former lead singer for Bush, a British band that was popular in the 90s, her mother Pearl Lowe is reputable fashion designer who has her own luxury clothing brand.

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