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Jane claims that Jan refused to continue dating Brolin so long as he remained married. “At least he could have called.” Then she learned of the mock wedding in Nova Scotia.

About two months later Brolin moved out of their Montecito digs. “But I guess if someone is telling him he’s wonderful and I’m telling him to take out the garbage, he’ll end up with the one who’s telling him he’s wonderful.” It was last New Year’s Eve when Jane learned that Brolin was filing for divorce. “I was embarrassed to death,” she says—and so angry that she went out and hired divorce lawyer Marvin Mitchelson, celebrity bomber extraordinaire.

Brolin spent much of his time doing TV and features (The Amityville Horror), and eventually “we started going our own ways,” says Jane.

“I think he was running around a lot.” Jane shrugs that off as just one of celebrity’s pitfalls.

That enraged Brolin and, says Jane, he hasn’t spoken to her since—except through his attorney, Howard Weitzman, who successfully defended John De Lorean on cocaine charges.

Weitzman says the divorce should be final soon, though property and child care issues may not be settled for a while.

“Everyone goes with the one who has money,” says Jane.

Brolin is already married—and has been for 20 years—to Jane Cameron Agee Brolin, 46, and the matter of a divorce has proved to be bitter enough to qualify for an episode in Hotel.

No matter what you’ve heard—that she’s been obstructing the divorce—Jane claims she’s not the heavy.

Under California law, she figures to get half of Brolin’s net worth, which is estimated by Mitchelson to be million.

She’s worried that the equitable distribution laws won’t apply to friends and associates.

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