Zirconia dating

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Most of you gents out there, though, are thinking about whether or not you manage to get your shopping done online. Sure, every woman has unique tastes in jewelry, so it’s impossible to say which pieces are right for your special someone.

But rare is the girl who won’t welcome jewelry of some type as a gift this holiday season.

In conclusion, here is what I believe are the reasons you may want to prescribe Prismatik CZ.

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When it arrives in our Digital Manufacturing Center, it is placed in an isostatic pressing machine and pressed into millable ingots at extreme pressure.

Prescribing Prismatik CZ ensures you of high strength, biocompatibility and natural esthetics for your cementable all-ceramics.

It feels like they were just here yesterday, doesn’t it?

The CZ preparation is accomplished in accordance with the general principles common to most all-ceramic systems.

Standard all-ceramic modified shoulder margins (accomplished with burs containing the KR designation) or chamfer margins 1 mm deep are both acceptable.

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